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World War II Day By Day

This series, consisting of 366 sixty second interstitual programmes, covers, in an entertaining and informative manner, the most important actions, day by day, each date selected from one of the six war years.

This is the most comprehensive series of world war two interstituals to date. It can be used as a stand alone or as an insert into other programmes on the subject.

Whether you are a researcher, broadcaster or producer, the series is intrinsic to any programme on the day to day events of world war two.

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date year description of clip
01 Oct 1943 US Fifth Army enters Naples
02 Oct 1941 Operation Typhoon - the relaunch of the attack on Moscow
03 Oct 1940 Chamberlain resigns from Cabine
04 Oct 1940 Hitler and Mussolini meet at Brenner Pass
05 Oct 1939 Poland is finally defeated
06 Oct 1939 Hitler offers peace to the West in speech
07 Oct 1940 Dog fights at Hell's Corner (Dover) during the Battle of Britain
08 Oct 1941 Konoye's government in Japan resigns and General Hideki Tojo becomes prime minister
09 Oct 1943 Himmler visits KZ-camp
10 Oct 1939 Goering decorates German soldiers after the Polish offensive
11 Oct 1944 US aircraft attack Luzon - Aachen shelled
12 Oct 1943 Allied troops establish front from the River Volturna to Termoli in Italy
13 Oct 1943 Italy declares war on Germany
14 Oct 1944 Rommel dies - suicide?
15 Oct 1946 Goering commits suicide while awaiting execution
16 Oct 1940 RAF bombs Kiel
17 Oct 1942 Bitter fighting on Kokoda Trail at Eora Creek
18 Oct 1943 Yugoslav partisans in the ascendancy
19 Oct 1941 The T-34 proves a match for German panzer
20 Oct 1944 US troops land on Leyte
21 Oct 1941 Zhukov appointed as defender of Moscow
22 Oct 1943 The Corsair in action over the Pacific
23 Oct 1942 Start of second Battle of El Alamein
24 Oct 1944 Battle of Leyte Gulf (23rd - 25th)
25 Oct 1942 Rommel returns to North Africa after illness
26 Oct 1942 Battle of Santa Cruz - US carrier USS Hornet sunk by Japanese carrier aircraft
27 Oct 1944 Kamikaze attack US naval forces in the Philippines
28 Oct 1940 Italian troops crosses the Albanian-Greek border
29 Oct 1940 British troops sail from Egypt for Crete
30 Oct 1942 Australians drive north at El Alamein
31 Oct 1940 King and Queen inspect damage during the Blitz
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