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World War II Day By Day

This series, consisting of 366 sixty second interstitual programmes, covers, in an entertaining and informative manner, the most important actions, day by day, each date selected from one of the six war years.

This is the most comprehensive series of world war two interstituals to date. It can be used as a stand alone or as an insert into other programmes on the subject.

Whether you are a researcher, broadcaster or producer, the series is intrinsic to any programme on the day to day events of world war two.

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date year description of clip
01 Sep 1939 Germany invades Poland
02 Sep 1945 Japan signs the unconditional surrender on the Missouri
03 Sep 1943 Montgomery crosses the Strait of Messina
04 Sep 1944 Antwerp is liberated
05 Sep 1942 6th and 4th Panzer army at Stalingrad (3rd Sep)
06 Sep 1941 Leningrad is under siege and faces starvation
07 Sep 1942 On the desert air war
08 Sep 1939 German troops closes on Warsaw
09 Sep 1943 Allied forces land on mainland Italy - Salerno
10 Sep 1939 All Commonwealth Dominions, except Eire, declare war on Germany
11 Sep 1944 First US patrol crosses German border
12 Sep 1944 US First Army cross German border near Aachen
13 Sep 1940 Italian General Graziani finally moves in North Africa
14 Sep 1941 Malta under fire
15 Sep 1938 Neville Chamberlain meets Adolf Hitler
16 Sep 1941 Germans takes 665 000 prisoners east of Kiev
17 Sep 1939 Soviet forces attack Poland
18 Sep 1944 Germans counterattack in Holland
19 Sep 1939 Mazcek's Black Brigade is ordered to cross the border to Hungary
20 Sep 1943 US and British Forces link at Eboli
21 Sep 1942 Report from KZ Camp
22 Sep 1939 Red Army occupies Lwow
23 Sep 1944 US forces land on Ulithi
24 Sep 1943 US Fifth Army advances up Italy
25 Sep 1943 Soviet Army liberates Smolensk
26 Sep 1941 German troops capture Kiev
27 Sep 1939 Warsaw surrenders
28 Sep 1938 The Munich Conference between Hitler, Mussolini, Daladier and Chamberlain
29 Sep 1941 On North Atlantic convoys
30 Sep 1944 Canadians take Calais
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