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World War II Day By Day

This series, consisting of 366 sixty second interstitual programmes, covers, in an entertaining and informative manner, the most important actions, day by day, each date selected from one of the six war years.

This is the most comprehensive series of world war two interstituals to date. It can be used as a stand alone or as an insert into other programmes on the subject.

Whether you are a researcher, broadcaster or producer, the series is intrinsic to any programme on the day to day events of world war two.

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date year description of clip
01 Jul 1941 Germans occupy Riga
02 Jul 1942 US Joint Chief of Staff orders naval and ground forces to drive Japanese out of Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea
03 Jul 1944 Two Soviet spearheads meet at Minsk
04 Jul 1944 US Marines push ahead on Saipan
05 Jul 1943 Start of the Battle of Kursk
06 Jul 1943 B-17s operational in the Pacific
07 Jul 1944 British Second Army attack Caen supported by RAF
08 Jul 1943 Germans encounter problems at the Orel Salient
09 Jul 1944 Caen taken by the British
10 Jul 1943 Invasion of Sicily
11 Jul 1940 Marshal Petain assumes title of Chief of French State (Vichy)
12 Jul 1941 Molotov and the British ambassador to the Soviet Union sign treaty of mutual support
13 Jul 1943 Soviet counter offensive at Kursk (12th July)
14 Jul 1942 The Battle at Tel el Eisa and Ruweisat
15 Jul 1941 Smolensk taken by Army Group Centre
16 Jul 1945 First atomic test
17 Jul 1944 Rommel staff car attacked by RAF aircraft
18 Jul 1944 'Operation Goodwood' - tank battle in Normandy
19 Jul 1940 Hitler repeat his peace offer of the previous year to the West - Churchill refuses
20 Jul 1944 Attempt on Hitler's life
21 Jul 1944 US Marines land on Guam
22 Jul 1941 Japan prepares for invasion of southern Indochina
23 Jul 1942 Hitler orders his forces in the east to split - one force against Stalingrad and one to go south
24 Jul 1941 US oil embargo against Japan
25 Jul 1943 Mussolini falls
26 Jul 1943 RAF raid on Hamburg
27 Jul 1944 US Forces break through west of St. Lo
28 Jul 1942 Stalin issues the order: 'Not a step back'
29 Jul 1944 Soviet spearhead reaches Baltic coast near Riga
30 Jul 1944 First US Army reaches Avranches
31 Jul 1944 Start of the Warsaw uprising
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