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World War II Day By Day

This series, consisting of 366 sixty second interstitual programmes, covers, in an entertaining and informative manner, the most important actions, day by day, each date selected from one of the six war years.

This is the most comprehensive series of world war two interstituals to date. It can be used as a stand alone or as an insert into other programmes on the subject.

Whether you are a researcher, broadcaster or producer, the series is intrinsic to any programme on the day to day events of world war two.

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date year description of clip
01 Jun 1945 Japanese retreat on Okinawa
02 Jun 1944 Eisenhower inspects troops preparing for D-Day
03 Jun 1944 Allied troops are poised to take Rome - it falls the following day
04 Jun 1940 Evacuation of Dunkirk is completed
05 Jun 1942 Battle of the Midway - 4th-7th June
06 Jun 1944 D-Day
07 Jun 1940 Norwegian King and Government leave the country and Norway capitulates
08 Jun 1940 Convoy war stepped up
09 Jun 1940 German drive into France picks up speed
10 Jun 1940 Mussolini attacks southern France
11 Jun 1940 Rommel breaks out of the 'Cauldron'
12 Jun 1940 Churchill flies to France
13 Jun 1944 '44 first V1 lands on London
14 Jun 1945 US breakthrough on Okinawa
15 Jun 1944 US troops land on Saipan
16 Jun 1940 Paul Reynaud resigns as he refuses to capitulate
17 Jun 1940 Marshal Petain asks for armistice
18 Jun 1944 Soviet Army break through Mannerheim Line
19 Jun 1944 Battle of the Philippine Sea
20 Jun 1942 Rommel attacks Tobruk
21 Jun 1941 The night before the attack on the Soviet Union
22 Jun 1940 Cease fire agreement (surrender) signed between Germany and France in Compiegne
23 Jun 1942 Report from Berchtesgaden - Eva Braun enjoys life
24 Jun 1940 Cease fire agreement signed between French and Italians
25 Jun 1942 British Eighth Army retreats to Mersa Matruh
26 Jun 1941 Finland declares war on the Soviet Union
27 Jun 1944 German pocket near Vitebsk destroyed
28 Jun 1942 Start of operation 'Fall Blau' - the German drive towards the Caucasus and Stalingrad
29 Jun 1944 US forces liberate Cherbourg
30 Jun 1940 Germans occupy the Channel Islands
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