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World War II Day By Day

This series, consisting of 366 sixty second interstitual programmes, covers, in an entertaining and informative manner, the most important actions, day by day, each date selected from one of the six war years.

This is the most comprehensive series of world war two interstituals to date. It can be used as a stand alone or as an insert into other programmes on the subject.

Whether you are a researcher, broadcaster or producer, the series is intrinsic to any programme on the day to day events of world war two.

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date year description of clip
01 Aug 1944 General Patton takes command of US Third Army
02 Aug 1944 Rokossovskij's troops stop outside Warsaw
03 Aug 1944 Rennes is liberated (Normandy)
04 Aug 1944 Eighth Army reaches Florence
05 Aug 1943 Soviet forces capture Orel during the Battle of Kursk
06 Aug 1945 Atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima
07 Aug 1942 US forces attack Guadalcanal
08 Aug 1945 The Soviet Union declares war on Japan and attack Japanese troops in Manchuria
09 Aug 1945 Atomic bomb is dropped on Nagasaki
10 Aug 1944 Nantes is liberated
11 Aug 1944 Angers is liberated
12 Aug 1941 Atlantic declaration - Roosevelt and Churchill meet
13 Aug 1944 Argentan is liberated
14 Aug 1945 Japan capitulates
15 Aug 1944 Allied troops land in Southern France in 'Operation Dragoon'
16 Aug 1942 Stalin and Churchill meet in Moscow
17 Aug 1943 B-17s raid Regensburg and Schweinfurt
18 Aug 1940 RAF destroys 71 German aircraft losing 27
19 Aug 1944 Two German armies surrounded in the Falaise pocket
20 Aug 1944 Soviet start offensive against Rumania, Bulgaria and Hungary
21 Aug 1940 Trotsky assassinated in Mexico City
22 Aug 1943 End of Battle of Kursk
23 Aug 1939 Germany signs a nonaggression treaty with the Soviet Union
24 Aug 1944 Paris is liberated
25 Aug 1944 German forces in Paris surrender
26 Aug 1942 US - Japan naval battle near Guadalcanal
27 Aug 1940 Luftwaffe intensifies operations against RAF airfields
28 Aug 1943 Japanese evacuate New Georgia and other Solomon Islands
29 Aug 1941 Soviets evacuate Karelian Isthmus
30 Aug 1944 Soviet forces take Ploesti
31 Aug 1942 Rommel encounters Montgomery for the first time in the desert
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